Gary, Dan and Creighton were school friends who spent their teenage years filled the then new marvels that were personal computers. While Dan was doing his bit for mankind by halting yet another space invasion on his ZX Spectrum, Creighton was using his ZX81 to perfect his BASIC programming skills by turning the dude in the golfing game into a she. Gary, meanwhile, was trying to convince anyone who would listen that he could turn their snail paced Commodore 64 into a super-computer if only they would allow him to change a few chips.

Gary is now a Data Platform Technology Specialist at Microsoft, Dan has mixed his geek with photography and creates amazing virtual tours, and Creighton's entrepreneurial drive has lead him to smoothing technical problems for his clients through his Deen Computing business.

25 years later, and the wonder and excitement of IT industry appears to have stuck (as have the friendships).